Increase brand awareness by taking advantage of an all new way to communicate with Stickers in iOS.


In 2016, iOS users are sending over 200,000 iMessages per second. That’s 6.3 trillion messages a year.

1 // Podfile
3 pod 'Adhesives'
5 // ViewController.swift
7 import Adhesives
9 class ViewController : AdhesivesMessagesViewController {
10     var stickerSize: MSStickerSize {
11         get { return .small } // .regular or .large
12     }
13 }
Simple deployment

Adhesives gives companies an easy entry into the world of Sticker Packs.

Using Adhesives, you can create and deploy your Sticker Pack without involving internal IT teams or spending thousands of dollars developing your own Sticker Pack App. Adhesives CMS allows your marketing team to create and upload new stickers, track the downloads of your app, and re-order the arrangement of your stickers, bypassing the IT department and the approval of Apple for each modification to your app.

High Praise

“The Magic City Sticker Pack is great for community engagement. It makes it easy to celebrate Birmingham with easily identified icons and logos of landmarks and businesses around town.”

Implement Adhesives

It’s not hard to see how we make your life easier every day.

CREATE YOUR APP with Airship's development team. We work with your marketing team to build and deploy your initial app in the Apple store. Airship’s team hand walks your app through the approval.

ADHESIVES IN ACTION means you can change and modify your stick pack as often as you want, without having to resubmit your app the App Store for approval. Upload a holiday sticker, place your most popular stickers at the top, or simply refresh your content. It’s easy.

UPDATE STICKERS without requiring your sticker pack users to update their app on the app store. Easily push new stickers out to your fans on your terms.

TIME TO MARKET is reduced from weeks to hours or days. Airship’s team understands the app deployment process and Adhesives is already approved by the App Store.